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Through its Pump Division, Flowserve has earned the reputation as a world leader in the supply of highly engineered pumps. For example, Flowserve is recognized throughout the process industry as a leader in the supply of ASME (ANSI) and ISO alloy and nonmetallic pumps for corrosive, toxic and other severe chemical duties. Flowserve produces a wide range of heavy-duty, high-horsepower pumps for oil and gas production and pipeline services. Additionally, the division offers pumps for every conceivable hydrocarbon processing application. In fact, Flowserve offers the world's most complete line of API 610 pumps with the widest range of hydraulic coverage, pressure and temperature capabilities. Flowserve also offers horizontal and vertical pumps with specialized designs for water resources and for combined cycle, fossil fuel and nuclear power generation.
The Flowserve Pump Division has a global presence with specialized engineering and primary manufacturing capabilities in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The division also supplies products and services from quick response centers throughout the world, where assembly and technical specialists provide immediate local support to Flowserve pump users. 
Heritage Names of Distinction:
ACEC™ Centrifugal Pumps   
IDP® Pumps                             
Stork™ Engineered Pumps
Aldrich® Pumps                     
Jeumont-Schneider™ Pumps    
United® Centrifugal Pumps
Byron Jackson® Pumps     
Pacific® Pumps                   
Western Land Roller® Irrigation 
Cameron® Pumps                
Pleuger® Pumps                   
Wilson-Snyder® Pumps
Durco® Pumps                  
Scienco® Pumps                   
Worthington® Pumps
Flowserve® Pumps              
Sier-Bath® Rotary Pumps    
Worthington Simpson® Pumps