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The Flow Solutions Division Seal Group
manufactures and markets highly engineered mechanical shaft seals for containing corrosive, volatile, abrasive, precious, or flammable fluids. Flowserve mechanical seals are used on pumps, compressors, mixers, steam turbines and other rotary-motion equipment.
Flowserve offers a complete line of seals including cartridge seals, dry-running seals, metal bellows, elastomer bellows, split seals and gas barrier seals for zero emissions. Flowserve also provides compression seals, bearing protection devices and seal chamber auxiliary equipment. Flowserve offers innovative seal design and responsiveness, as well as development of new technologies that produce lower maintenance and operating costs.
Flowserve seals are marketed under the following well-known product names: BW Seals®, Durametallic®, Five Star Seal®, Pacific Wietz™, Pac-Seal®, GASPAC®