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Sullair Corporation is the only compressor manufacturer to concentrate entirely on rotary screw technology. An industry leader since 1965, Sullair uses its expertise to provide superior compressed air solutions.
In 1968, after establishing itself in markets that use portable compressors, Sullair introduced stationary screw compressors for the industrial market. Later, responding to market need for clean air for specialized applications, Sullair developed compressed air contaminant-removal systems.
Also in response to customer need, Sullair developed a line of proprietary compressor fluids and related products. Sullair has also utilized its rotary screw expertise to produce high efficiency tandem compressors, encapsulated compressors, vacuum systems and air tools.
In 1984, Sullair became a subsidiary of Sundstrand Corporation, a global manufacturer of aerospace and industrial products. Sullair benefits from Sundstrand's strong leadership, outstanding resources and commitment to quality. Today, Sullair continues to grow as a leader in screw compression technology.
In 1999, United Technologies Corporation acquired Sundstrand. Sundstrand was combined with UTC's HamiltonStandard division, forming one of the world's leading suppliers of high value-added airframe components and sub-systems. The merged entity was named Hamilton Sundstrand. This acquisition reinforced the strategy of augmenting UTC's world class aerospace and commercial franchises. Hamilton Sundstrand has expanded aftermarket opportunities, improved economies of scale and leveraged opportunities for top line growth. 
Sullair Today 
With manufacturing facilities on four continents and a worldwide distribution network, Sullair serves customers in every corner of the globe. Sullair's plants in the United States, France, China and Australia utilize ISO 9001 certified manufacturing systems to assure the highest quality standards. Dedicated training centers at all four sites offer hands-on compressor training in multiple languages.
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