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That's what you get when you use Marlow pumps. Not only do you get the best products in the business, but you get them when you need them. No more lost contracts because your supplier does not have your pumps in stock. 
We also offer a wide range of wastewater pumps and accessories including control panels, float switches and alarms.  
Marlow Pumps clearly above the rest, always was, always will be. 
Sump Effluent and Wastewater
The Sump, Effluent and Wastewater product line is built to serve the wholesale wastewater markets. Our products range from submersible sump pumps to 4" discharge submersible sewage pumps, and our complete accessories line includes float switches, basins and control panels.
Engineered Wastewater
Our Engineered Wastewater products are ideal for the industrial and engineered markets. Our products range from Submersible Effluent, Wastewater and Grinder Pumps to Self-Priming Wastewater Pumps.