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Pneumatech ConservAIR
Pneumatech History
1966 Pneumatech is founded as a manufacturer of compressed air drying and filtration equipment. In the early days it is known as Pneumaflow.
1968 Pneumatech extends its product lines to include large refrigerated air dryers.
1975 Pneumaflow becomes Pneumatech and begins to establish its own network of distributors. Introduces External Heat Regenerative and Heatless Regenerative dryers.
1980 Pneumatech changes ownership, and significantly strengthens its engineering and management capabilities.
1982 Pneumatech brings the manufacturing of all regenerative dryers in house to control quality. Develops and later patents Pulse Purge Regeneration (PPR), a revolutionary and unique full load energy saving device found exclusively on Pneumatech externally heated regenerative dryers.
1987 The Company secures an agreement to manufacture products in China, which it does with great success.
1990 The company builds its present facility on 70th Ave in Kenosha. The Pneumatech facility on Sheridan Road is sold to Kenosha Water Utility.
1991 Pneumatech buys a controlling interest in ConservAIR, a company specializing in compressed air storage and management systems.
2000 Pneumatech expands into the industrial nitrogen generation market and secures a nearly $1 million dollar contract with the US Air Force.
2004 Pneumatech enters the nitrogen tire inflation market, introducing several innovations to the industry.
2006 New ownership allows company to invest significantly to improve its manufacturing capabilities and adopt lean manufacturing techniques.
2008 Pneumatech expands and improves its Customer Service Department and Engineering and Drafting Department to better serve customers.