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Vogelsang anpump
Since 1929, Vogelsang has been a leading manufacturer of pumping, grinding, and spreading technology for the municipal, industrial and agricultural markets around the world. Through our commitment to research and development, we've lead the industry in the design and manufacturing of such innovations as the first "Pulsation-Free" positive displacement rotary lobe pump, used in applications from municipal sludges to fine wine production. Vogelsang introduced first municipal, industrial, and agricultural, grinder "RotaCut", to offer an in-line rebuildable option, allowing the unit to be re-conditioned in-line, in less than 15 minutes.
High Performance Pumping for:
Belt Press & Centrifuge Feed
Primary, Digested & Thickened Sludge
Waste & Return Activated Sludge
Scum, Septage, DAFT, SBR & MBR
RotaCut Solids Protection for: 
Pumps, Belt Press, Centrifuge & Other Dewatering Equipment.