Flowserve Mechanical Seals & Sealing Systems
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Flowserve products are known worldwide for holding up in demanding environments and are effective for use in tough applications.

Cartridge Mechanical Seals
Cartridge Mechanical Seals

Flowserve's line of cartridge seals are known worldwide for solving tough applications. Cart seals save time during installation and extend seal life dramatically over component seals.

  • ISC2
  • ISC2-682
  • ISC2-MW
  • P-50
  • QB
Split Mechanical Seals
Split Mechanical Seals

Flowserve's PSSIII split mechanical seal is a 3rd generation masterpiece, requiring only one person to install. It's reliable, repairable and quite remarkable, and it is best used on Split-Case pumps as well as Vertical Turbines.

  • PSS4
  • Split-Seal
Diamond Faced Mechanical Seals
Diamond Faced Mechanical Seals

Flowserve's Ultra-Nano Crystalline Diamond faced mechanical seals can, in many applications, extend seal life dramatically from four to ten-fold life.

  • UNCD
Mixer Mechanical Seals
Mixer Mechanical Seals

Flowserve's Mixer seals have a wide forgiveness tolerance.

  • MixerPAC
  • MSS
  • MWC-200
  • ST
  • VRA
Slurry Mechanical Seals
Slurry Mechanical Seals

Demanding slurry applications demand a tough seal for the application. Flowserve has several families to fit your applications.

  • RIS
  • SLM
  • SLC
Engineered Mechanical Seals
Engineered Mechanical Seals

BWIP Engineered Mechanical seal are commonly used for gas sealing technology in a wide variety of Industrial and Nuclear applications.

  • AmpiFLOW
  • CircPAC
  • CleanPAC
  • GasPAC
  • N2GenPAC
  • SupplyPAC
  • TurboPAC
Component Pusher Seals
Component Pusher Seals

Flowserve's pusher seals are economical. Good for simple clean fluids, component seals are an economical choice for some applications.

  • CRO
  • RA-C
  • RO
Sealing & Bearing Accessories
Sealing & Bearing Accessories

BWIP Engineered Mechanical seal are commonly used for gas sealing technology and a wide variety of Industrial and Nuclear applications.

  • Bearing Gard
  • BGM
  • Cyclone Separators
  • Mag Separator
  • Seal Gard
  • SLD
  • TurboPAC
Flush Plans & Coolers
Flush Plans & Coolers

Flowserve has a wide variety of seal support devices and flush plans to create favorable environments for your seal.

  • Seal Coolers
  • Circulators
  • Reservoirs
  • Fill Cart
  • Gas Panel
  • Piston Transmit

A Trusted, Authorized Dealer of Flowserve Mechanical Seals in Arizona

Since 1959, Pioneer Equipment has served the Southwest United States with Flowserve mechanical seal solutions for pumps used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Based in Phoenix AZ, Pioneer Equipment, Inc. has stocking branch offices in three states and four metropolitan areas. For nearly sixty years, Pioneer Equipment has been a distributor and servicer of air compressors, pumping systems, and pumping system accessories. We carry a full range of Flowserve mechanical seal products and accessories at our branches in Phoenix and Tucson.

With capabilities to service compressors and pumps at each facility, Pioneer Equipment fully recognizes its value proposition to help its customer base achieve their goals for sustainable growth for all.

Pioneer Equipment is a family-owned company where loyalty and commitment is rewarded. Let us help you today!

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